Last Week a.k.a. The Importance of Hydration

So, I’m not sure if you noticed, but last week kinda sucked post wise. All three posts were either late and half assed, or simply nonexistent. I gave it an honest shot to make drawings, but everything ended up like this…

Anyways, here’s what happened…

I went back to my hometown to visit my family and some friends. I was only there a few nights, and as such, I didn’t sleep much. I also had to take a very packed Greyhound back to Madison. If you’ve never been on a Greyhound, here’s a breakdown of how it looks…

Anyway, it’s basically an all you can eat buffet for disease.

The combination of lack of sleep and disease festering bus didn’t exactly do any wonders for me. Add the nearly intolerable heat, and it was a perfect recipe for what I hope is a halfway decent story about my failures as a functional person.

Continuing on, this is what is normally recommended when sick.

See what he’s doing? He’s sleeping. And taking his temperature. And not doing anything stupid or harmful to his health.

Here’s what I tend to do when I think I’m getting sick…



Usually this works.

 Unfortunately, the heat index in Madison last week was pretty consistently over 100, and as I mentioned I wasn’t in the mood for water or any of its shenanigans.

All of this resulted in a normally casual, 18 minute run turning into a 20 minute Hellfest of pain and anguish that I apparently couldn’t outrun.

You’ll notice I didn’t draw in any sweat. That’s because without water in your system, you don’t really sweat so much. You just get really really sticky.

It’s hard to draw sticky.

Anyways, that was Day 1. Needless to say, I didn’t do a whole lot of recovering via my Day 1 excursion. I didn’t even manage to pass out or anything after running. I stayed up trying to do stuff (like think of a post), and got maybe four hours of sleep total that night.

For some reason, during my staying up I still refused to let myself drink water.

Here’s what happened Day 2.

Here’s where it changes!

“Success!” you may be thinking. “The idiot has finally forced himself to a point where his body is so dysfunctional that he has no choice but to rest and recover!”

Well, that wasn’t the case.

Somehow, between the distress of body parts not wanting to function and the hallucinations caused by sleep and water deprivation, I came up with this wondrous little pearl of an idea.

I do not know what my thoughts were at this point. I think it went something like “Alcohol makes me want to go on adventures. Running. Adventure running. Tacos? No. Running. Adventure. Runventure.” Anyways, at the time it sounded like a great idea.

That little guy was my only hydration over two days. Surprisingly, no adverse effects that I noticed from it directly. It managed to give me just enough of a boost to get outside though, which was bad.

The 20 minute Hellfest from Day 1? All I know is that there was far more pain and anguish, the run took roughly three minutes longer, and at some point I wound up in a near comatose state in my chair. And by “in” I mean “stuck to.”

I stayed there for another hour. My body and mind had both given up on me. At this point I finally accepted that I was sick and should stop being dumb. However, I had worn myself out to the point where I lacked even the motivation to walk the five feet needed to get food/water. Eventually, by placing my feet up on my desk and pushing backwards, I managed to literally fall out of my chair and onto my bed. There I fell asleep, recovered a bit, and started taking care of myself again. In retrospect, I probably wasn’t all that sick at the start of all this. It was much more the heat that did me in.

The moral of the story? Hydrate.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.

I was once told that an active runner should drink their body weight in ounces of water every day.

I don’t understand the point of the conversion either. It seems rather silly.

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