My Apartment

I got this note from my landlady…

I’m reading this as follows:


Hi People:

You know that shit you have clogging your drain? Funny story! Our plumbing is so out of date, that random crud is actually better suited to act as piping than the pieces of metal we put in those many years ago!

If any of you do clog a drain, please let us know so we can dig it out and use it to fix plumbing in some of our other buildings.

If you don’t understand basic English, try in vain to us at ###-####  (there should be a word like “contact” there, but they left it out so so will I!)


…I can’t wait to move.

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2 Responses to My Apartment

  1. Plummer McPlumstein says:

    i’d say your landlord is smarter than you think.

    drano is not good for pipes, especially pipes over 40 years old. drano also doesn’t work too well – sometimes it will just eat a hole through a clog and allow water to flow, but the clog is mostly still there and will re-clog very soon. other times drano doesn’t work at all, and then the plumber who’s called out to unclog the drain has to deal with the fact that besides being clogged, the pipes are also filled with a nasty caustic agent.

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