Here’s the funny thing about motivation…

I have none.

Now, a few things you might notice. I can see the motivation penguin. The brick wall isn’t that high. To be honest, I could probably climb over that pretty easily. The problem is, that just seems like too much work for too little reward.

As such, my biggest motivation is not to achieve the penguin, but to beat the penguin to a bloody pulp and send it back home in a cardboard box of defeat.

Another problem though, I really like penguins. They’re fucking adorable. As such, I don’t want to beat them senseless. Hell, one of my life goals is to hug a penguin. There’s still that damn wall though.

Now, following this poorly planned indulgence to my psyche, you might be saying, “Well just get off your fat ass and go hug that penguin!” and I want to.

I really want to.

I can’t though, because the wall is on fire.

And that is why I didn’t have a post ready for today.

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