Life Change

I recently started planning a camping trip for myself and several friends. After about five minutes of comparing camping Nick to real life Nick, I’ve been led to consider a major change to my life.

This is me now.

This is the change I want.

Let me introduce

Barbarian Nick!!!

Did you notice the differences? Let me show you that picture one more time, but I’ll point them out for you this go-around.

Now, only so much of a change can be made. Madison isn’t exactly roaming with a bountiful surplus of wild game, and I feel like actively stalking and attacking the Jimmy John’s delivery bikes would be frowned upon.

As such, I’d like still have to buy my food. And for a barbarian, that’s just embarrassing.

This leads to other complications. It turns out that unless you live in the Middle Ages or earlier, and happen to be incredibly fortunate, being a barbarian doesn’t pay out well. I’d probably still have to keep my jobs, both of which are in research labs. This would mean that I’d just be more barbaric about my work.

Really, I suppose becoming a barbarian would mostly just be me running around with a spear stabbing at things. Also just generally being more savage than the situation demands.

Of course, in the case that I could form a tribe, we would be able to stab and be more savage than the situation demands towards even larger game.

I’d also then be able to impress my fell tribesmen (and tribeswomen) with my basic scientific understanding of fire!

Really, the tribe is what opens things up.

You know, I think I might just go for it.

Or maybe I’ll be a pirate instead.

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