Book 3

They Shall Fall By The Sword

With renewed vigor, the boy he returned,
To the site of the village which had long since burned.
Swarming with raptors, he took up his blade,
And began the task for which he came.

With a mighty war cry, he leapt to the fray,
As the choir of angels fell down on their prey.
But the boy’s sword was true, his skills they were honed,
The sound of steel and blood rang an unholy tone,
As he pushed his way forward, to the dinosaur king,
With a vigor of which to this day we still sing!

“Now face me, Oh Lord!” the boy he proclaimed,
As he reached the God-Creature, who he planned to leave slain.
“I’ve slaughtered your angels, left your son for the crows!
“The Hell I have wrought, they’d say Heaven only knows!”

The giant turned towards the boy and laughed,
“Do you propose to cut me in half?
“You can’t hurt me, for I am the Lord!
“What can you do with that tiny sword?”
But the boy smiled as he softly spoke, 
As if remembering a long forgotten joke,
“This, my Lord, may beg your silence,
“You see this sword was forged in the fires of Science!”

The battle was sublime, pitting Hero and God,
The boy pushed hard to overcome the odds.
He was fueled by his will, as the combatants clashed,
To return the Lord’s body to dust and to ash.
“I will slay you my Lord, let you fall to the dirt,
“Prepare yourself now, I swear this will hurt!”

The boy leapt in the air, and let out with a yell,
And upon the throat of the holy beast he fell.
His sword pierced flesh, cut through muscle and bone,
As body and head went their separate ways, alone.

With a mighty crash, Hero and God hit the ground,
And for but a moment, not a soul made a sound.
But as the boy looked on the corpse of the last dinosaur alive,
It escaped with a whisper…

We Have Survived

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