Book 1

Cometh the Lord

Our tale begins as most of them do,
On a warm summer day, a place far from me and you.
In a peaceful village, filled with girls and with boys,
Very much like yourselves, and so full of joy.

But this was not a summer to be merry and gay,
For this was to be the end of all days.
The emotion is powerful, deeper than you could ever capture.
This was the day of the VelociRapture.
They came from the clouds, feathered and small,
And no one was safe, they attacked one and all.

“Why?!” a priest cried, as he burst through the door,
“Have none remained pious, what is this for?
“I’ve praised you my lord, which each waking breath
“Is this my reward, these bringers of death?”

Then his eyes saw the Lord, and he screamed out in fright,
For he knew none were prepared for the one true lord’s might.
For you see, He was roughly fourty feet tall,
And more a t-rex, not very man-like at all.

“You claim to have worshipped,” His voice it rang,
“Yet I see none of those who in my image I made,
“So now I return, to retake what is mine,
“And if all you must perish, well, to me that’s just fine.”
And he picked up the priest, and gobbled him whole,
In more gruesome a manner than you’d ever care to know.

The Lord looked around, smiling satisfied,
For it seemed that everyone in the village had died
Soon he’d move on, and continue the job,
Followed closely behind by his dinosaur mob.
For sure this world would be his again soon,
But it was right at this moment he saw something move!

“Stop him,” cried the Lord, “don’t let him escape!”
But as his minions attacked they saw it was a mistake!
The boy drew a sword, and with a magnificent swing,
Lopped off three heads and two raptor wings!
With a loud cry, he turned to the dinosaur Lord
“Though now I am weak, I will soon claim my reward!”The boy quickly turned, and took off at a run,
And escaped to the woods, in direction of the sun.
With a terrible cry, the T-Rex raised his voice,
And decided he only had one last choice.
“That boy must be stopped, or our advantage is lost
“We have to retrieve him, no matter the cost
“If he reaches the humans, they will soon be warned of us,
“You must hunt him down, my son, Jesusaurus!”

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