*Special extra indulgence this week. Yay!!! Huzzah!!!*

I got home from work today, exhausted from the oppressive heat. I was excited upon my arrival in my building to see that the elevator was awaiting passengers on the first floor, so I wouldn’t have to walk up the stairs to my apartment on the 6th. I pushed the up button.

I waited around patiently. The elevator remained on the first floor without opening, but it’s a crappy elevator, this wasn’t uncommon, so I pushed the up button a few more times, and continued waiting.

Perhaps one or two minutes later, the elevator finally reached the 6th floor. I was thrilled! I would soon be in my nice, cool apartment, complete with WATER!

I quickly realized something was wrong though.

I was still on the first floor. I had never gotten in the elevator.

It’s too damn hot today.

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