Real Life Zoo

I had the best time ever in my head at the zoo the other day!

I was a little nervous at first…

But then the rhino let me ride it!

After that I got to play with lots of animals! I rode a bison!

I pretended to be a flamingo for a while…

And I got in a fight with a bearded dragon!

And took a nap with an iguana!

And had a philosophical thinking session with a tortoise!

And swam with an otter!

The giraffe let me ride and hug it!

The grizzly bear wasn’t going to have any of that nonsense though!

My favorite part of the day, however, was when they fed the prairie dogs!

Zoos are awesome!

Special Note: Please don’t expect all of the Monday “Real Life” posts to be this… extravagant. They won’t be. More like a picture or two, but with more than just a stick figure added. Unless I go to another zoo. Or an aquarium, which is a fish zoo.

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