The Real World

I was recently in a discussion about the type of humor that I strive for in my posts.

I’ve so far made three main types of posts…

Some are simple, such as the MANventures, which consist of nothing more than over rampant testosterone, violence, and situations every man can relate to.

Still, many others of my posts are just Random Drawings I made when some odd thought entered my mind…

Yet, it seems to be that the favorites are my Multi-Picture Self Indulgences, which are apparently interpreted as overzealous exaggerations of real world occurrences.

These are the ones the discussion of my humor revolved around. Turns out I am amused by these in a very different way than most people. See, these indulgences are not simply me trying to find humor in every day life. They’re just how I honestly catch myself observing the world.

Let me try to explain.

This is a boring person…

This is what I believe to be a normal person…

This is me…

Which leads to this…

As such, I usually find myself feeling an awkward disconnectedness from the real world.

Today I found a way to fix that!

Here’s the Buffalo River in Arkansas. I got lost here with some friends over Spring Break, because who wants to get drunk in Mexico surrounded by scantily clad women? Not us, apparently.

Now, here’s a picture of the Buffalo River as I was imagining it.

Here’s another one of several of my friends encountering a Rarrrgle Bear

As such, along with my other posts, I will now be having a “Real World” category, where I try to demonstrate my observations of the world.

Want to know when I’ll post them? Well that’d be in the News tab!

Until the next one, here’s another one from Arkansas for you to enjoy.

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