No More Finals.

I celebrated the end of my spring semester yesterday. While I did not manage to generate anything of strong stand-alone value, I did create a series of drawings which I shall now try to explain…

The first of my drawings consisted of something which nearly happened to me earlier in the day. I was going to make a full story about it, but I think I like this single drawing better.

 In reality, I didn’t actually stab myself in the face while eating. At least not to the point where the fork stuck and I was bleeding. There was food covering the pointy ends.

My next drawing was this.

I believe it speaks for itself.

Of course, I soon encountered the Drunchies.

Now, this next one I believe was preemptive…

 Now I wasn’t actually in space at the time, nor was I in an argument. I was ready though, just in case I had to win a debate quickly and decisively. Notice that my spelling had already began to deteriorate (arguement?), however all in all my drawing abilities remained in the 5-7 yr old range. I’m actually a little proud of myself.

Then I got on the topic of squirrels somehow…

I don’t believe there’s anything to say about that one. Or this one.

This next one I don’t remember why I drew. I think I maybe started drawing a horse and got bored? Who knows. The fact that I began to label what I was drawing at this point is the only reason I even know what it was meant to be.

Then, continuing my examination of the animal kingdom, I ended up making the Meerkat post… I apologize for that one. Definitely not something that makes even a little bit of sense. How could a person see a Land Shark coming? It’s preposterous.

Finally, the night cumulated in me deciding on the ultimate combination of laziness and adventure.

This isn’t something I did. This is the result of a list I’ve been making of lazy ways to go on adventures. I might get around to drawing them all out eventually.

Huzzah for not having any more finals!

I’ve also been informed I might want to rethink my tagline…

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