Basic Human Muscle Anatomy

WordPress does me the service of showing search terms used to find my site, so that I can better know what people are looking for when they find my blog, and as such manipulate my posts as to lure and trap unsuspecting interwebs wanderers.

Normally they’re just odd combinations of “business,” “elephant,” and “productions,” but today though I got this one (at the bottom.)

It’s not even noon yet, and I feel like I almost certainly let someone down. There is not a single thing on my site which even references the field of human anatomy. There is no way they could have been intellectually stimulated or had any of their questions answered.

Never again.

So, here it is, my Basic Human Muscle Anatomy post!

Let’s start from the ground up! These are Legs!

 They have leg muscles! Leg muscles let you do stuff like Run! Dance! and Kick Stuff!

The next part of the body is the Torso!

This is the only part of the body where muscles can be visibly seen! This visibility is important, because torso muscles are purely aesthetic.

Yup. Abs and pectorals.  Not a single other muscle of any significance anywhere in the torso. Not. One.

Attached to the torso are the Arms!

The muscles in arms make them “bend!”

This bending lets them do stuff!

Let’s move on!

The final part of the body is the head!

 The muscles in the head muscles let you show expressions.

They also let you verbalize the words needed to cast spells!

So, those are the parts of the body, put them all together…

And you get Basic Human Muscle Anatomy! Yay!

You also apparently get the tensest looking stick figure I’ve ever drawn…

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