Voluntary Muscle Contractions

Anyone who has ever worked with children, especially over the pre-talking to incredibly annoying phase, is familiar with events such as this.

The child, just having discovered his ability to move, does everything possible to gain attention.

They then proceed to flail their limbs and hop about in some strange ritual understood only by themselves and whatever species of crane they’re trying to mate with.

Finally, since they’re so focused on their nonsensical display of basic function they forget to breathe, they exhaust their oxygen supply.

They immediately seek approval.

There, of course, is none.

 I’ve always believed that, eventually, the child matures, and such inane acts of basic human ability cease.

I realized today that I’m not that mature.

Now, I like to think that I’ve made more progress since my youth than some…

However it’s quite possible that the pure quantity of stupid shit I do makes up for the fact that it’s in smaller doses…

It doesn’t help that my friends are hardly any better, and that I go with them and encourage them on roughly 100% of the potential bad ideas they haveMaybe this is a bad lifestyle. It keeps things interesting though.

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