Duck Mugging

I was walking through campus the other day, and this happened…

Neither of us had anything to steal, but I got the feeling we were both worried about being mugged. When I finally thought it was safe enough to break eye contact, I noticed another one…

It’s important to note that this was long after dark. It was also on a Thursday after a long week of not sleeping. I was terrified. I did not feel safe, but fortunately my experience in the wilderness has left me with the knowledge that “When you encounter a dangerous animal in the wild, make yourself  look bigger, and make no sudden movements.”

I raised my arms and puffed my cheeks out in my best impression of a bearded dragon

It had no effect. I was surrounded by killers.

I knew at this point they could smell my fear.

It was immediately after this that I remembered I was in the middle of the UW-Madison campus…

The newfound confidence of having the home field advantage was just what I needed to make my move

I walked away with my pride, and the ducks got to go on with their lives without me having to lay the smack down.

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