A Public Safety Warning

Many people out there think squirrels are cute, adorable, friendly little creatures that occasionally get themselves in to trouble due to their intrepid curiosity…

 Well, you couldn’t be more wrong…

When most people see squirrels outside, digging around in the ground, they think, “Oh look at that silly squirrel! It forgot where it hid its food! HOW ADORABLE!!!”

Well, squirrels do forget where they hid their food, but there isn’t anything “adorable” about it…

 That annoying high pitch noise that they make?

 “Annoying” isn’t the term you’d use if you could speak Squirrel…

 Ever seen two squirrels together? I bet you thought they were friends!

Well you were right.

So next time you see a squirrel that looks like it just wants a hug…

Know the truth.

The end.

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